[show 4] Interview with Thurasiz

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[show 4] Interview with Thurasiz

Post by Thurasiz on Tue Apr 25, 2017 7:28 pm

Joey Styles: "It seems Ann got Thurasiz for an Interview, the first time we'll hear him talk on air."

The scene switches to Ann and Thurasiz sitting backstage.

Ann: "Thurasiz, first let me thank you for agreeing to an interview, we understand that you have an upcoming Match against Axel Blade."

Thurasiz: "Who care about that Axel guy ? From what i hear he's already so afraid he even brings someone else to watch his back. No, tonight is just a little warm up. The thing that counts, is what i will do to Bastion at Showdown of Dreams."

Ann: "You of course talk about the finale for the European Championship Tournament."

Thurasiz: "Bastion will have an evening of nightmares, and at the end of it, i will hold the European Championship, and Bastion willl wish he never ever put a foot in the ring.."

Ann: "We all look for..."

Thurasiz:"Stop right there, i'm not done yet."

Thurasiz face the camera and points to it.

Thurasiz: "I also got a message for Dana White. Two times now i came out here, to show my opponents that i am the rightful champion, and both times someone in this organisation managed to scew up and play the wrong stuff on my entrance. I warn you Dana, one more screw up and it'll be your bones i take care of once i'm done with Bastion !"

With those words Thurasiz kicks the cameraman, and the scene fades to black.


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