Show 3 Nif Power vs Thurasiz

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Show 3 Nif Power vs Thurasiz

Post by Thurasiz on Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:38 pm

The broadcast switches to a hallway, showing a wrestler making his way to the locker room. He looks over his shouler quite often, seems to expect something to happen.

Joey Styles: "Nif Power is here, and it looks like he doesn't want to share the fate of Xtreme Enigma Jr."

Taz: "His opponent tonight is Thurasiz, and i wonder if the red devil will find a way to attack Nif, who clearly expects him."

Nif arrives at the closed locker room. The very moment he opens the door, several lights go out and something red flies towards Nif, who reacts promptly with a quick and hard kick against the red figure.

Taz: "Oh wow, it seems Thurasiz had no luck, that kick must have hurt."

Joey Styles: "Must have hurt ? Thurasiz is lucky if he can compete tonight."

The camera follows Nif into the locker room, and the lights come back on. Instead of the expected Wrestler in his red Bodysuit, on the other end of the room lies a life-sized Deadpool puppet, the head caved in where Nifs kick did hit.
With the frustrated growl of Nif Power, the transmission switches back to the announcers.

Taz: "I guess that means Thurasiz planned to get into his opponents head tonight, instead of attacking him physically, let's see if that helps him win his European Championship tournament match tonight."

Joey Styles: "I know i wouldn't be 100% concentrated after mindgames like this, but maybe Nif Power will be, i look forward to the Match !"

((please remember to switch to the correct thurasiz picture, or the deadpool joke is completly wasted^^ Wink ))


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