Lebron Steel Shield #1 Interview

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Lebron Steel Shield #1 Interview

Post by Lebron Steel Shield on Sat May 06, 2017 11:59 am

The show starts with Ann, sitting in the locker room, in a very tight ICW T-shirt and leather skirt, partially revealing her perfect body. Next to her, a man is waiting in an artificial darkness. Ann smiles to the camera and then starts speaking with a warm, very professional tone.

- Ann: "Dear ICW fans, we, at ICW, know how much you enjoy discovering new faces, new moves and techniques. Therefore, I am pleased to introduce you today to one of our last recruit, Lebron Steel Shield ! Hello Lebron and welcome to ICW"

The camera zoom in the right side of the screen as the darkness quickly vanished. An impressive athletic man, wearing a knight helmet and a steel shoulder pad, turns to the camera and says in a nearly perfect English with a delicate French accent :

- Lebron: "Hey Ann, and thank you for your warm welcome"
- Ann: "So Lebron, I think our fans and I would be pleased to know the story behind the man. Where does your Steel Shield nickname come from ?"
- Lebron: "I called myself Steel Shield because nobody can harm me. They can try to punch me, strangle me or even kick me, I will not feel anything because I have a bullet proof defense right here. My very own Steel Shield..." Lebron points his fingers to his left arm."I have been training for years to use my left arm and shoulder as a perfect defensive wall and I intend to make a demo in my very next match, even if I heard my opponent will not be a tough challenge. But that is none of my concern. I will fight and demolish everybody who might stands between me and the title."
- Ann: "Well, that is some kind of statement and I am certain some people might disagree with you.."
- Lebron: "Let me be clear Ann. I am a charming man out of the ring, but when fighting, I make no prisoner. Actually, I hope you guys have a bunch of doctors and a nearby hospital ready each time you put me on the show. I watched some of your... "Big Mouth dancers" matches and it is about time someone teaches them what it means to be a fighter."
- Ann: "Thank you Lebron ! I think everybody got your message loud and clear now. I am positive our fans can not wait to see if you are up to the task. And it works for me as well... Goodnight everyone and stay tuned to watch our last event top 10 moves !"

End of the interview...

Lebron Steel Shield

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