show 2 xtreme enigma vs thurasiz

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show 2 xtreme enigma vs thurasiz

Post by Thurasiz on Thu Apr 13, 2017 12:16 am

((written with the assumption it'll be aired right before the match and agreed upon by enigma))

Joey Styles: "And we continue with another match for the European Championship Tournament:"

Taz: "But first, have you seen what happened earlier tonight ?"

The show cuts to security camera footage showing the underground parking lot, and an arriving wrestler.

Joey Styles: "That's Xtreme Enigma Jr, one half of the upcoming match"

Taz: "He is, and look behind him."

Right behind Enigma, another man steps around a corner, dressed in a dark red bodysuit and armed with a chair, which he quickly slams into Enigmas back, beating him down viciously.

Joey Styles: "That's Thurasiz, his opponent tonight, and it looks like he wants to make sure Enigma goes into the match with a big disadvantage !"

Thurasiz throws away the chair, and faces the camera, holding an imaginary belt around his waist and laughs, before he vanishes behind the corner again.
The footage ends with Xtreme Enigma Jr. on the ground.

Taz: "You've got to have eyes on your back with people like Thurasiz competing for the same title, let's hope Enigma is in a condition to repay him."


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