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Nif - Power

Post by Nif on Mon Apr 10, 2017 1:12 am

Name: Nif-Power (Nif for short)

Entrance Music(yt link): this little light of mine

Face/Tweener/Heel: Face/Comedy

Photo for the card:  

Wrestler`s story: Grew up on a cattle farm, became a vegetarian. His parents were very religious, so he is very naïve. Thinks everyone should be vegetarian, and talks about it too much.
Left school at a young age when the science teacher contradicted the bible, so he sees education as evil.
His favorite wrestler is Dude Love, and wants to be just like him, but he ended up to muscly because he forgets to put the weights down.
His least favorite wrestler is Cactus Jack, would love to see Dude Love beat him.
He became a wrestler because he did not know how to do anything else, his parents do not agree with his life choice, and think he should join the ministry or run cattle, think his friend The Ploughman has corrupted him.


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