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Lebron Steel Shield

Post by Lebron Steel Shield on Sat Apr 29, 2017 11:17 am

Name:Lebron Steel Shield

Entrance Music : https://www.youtube.com/embed/haDssfSHo54

Face/Tweener/Heel: Tweener

Photo for the card:http://hpics.li/8ab11ae

Wrestler`s story: Lebron was born in an old French noble family but, unlike his brother, he was never interested in following his ancestors steps. At the age of 16, he left everything, the castle, the easy comfortable life, his inheritance to build his own environment. Living and sleeping in the streets for a while, he finally crossed the Atlantic Ocean to start his new life in the United States where he discovered the Wrestling Art. He knew straight away he was made for it ! Living among tramps and beggars is not safe and he often had to defend his food, his bed, or simply his life.
At the age of 18, Lebron had a more than well built body, powerful, resilient, quick and agile. As he was thinking of a name to start his new life as a Wrestler when, out of the blue, he received news from his French family.
Lebron's parents had a terrible car accident and both his father and brother died. Only his mother was found alive but unconscious in the wreckage. "It is weird how life can bring you back to your past when you think you managed to get away from it" he thought while flying back to France to visit his mum. He found her in hospital, sleeping in a deep coma. After one week, sitting next to her day and night, doctors convinced him to move back to his parents place so he could visit her as often as he wants.
As he entered the family castle, now almost empty, he suddenly realised how attached to his inheritance he actually was. And when he faced the picture of his crusader ancestor, all in armour, looking proud and strong, he realised he knew exactly what would be his name as a Wrestler...He would be Lebron Steel Shield ! And then he took an oath to be the Champion the day his mother wakes up from her artificial sleep.

Lebron Steel Shield

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