Hummingbird Jones introduction

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Hummingbird Jones introduction

Post by Hummingbird Jones on Fri Apr 28, 2017 9:11 pm

As the show comes back on air, a camera is entering the locker room finding a man standing with his back turned. As he hears the cameracrew entering he turns around.
"Ahh so I see the news finaly hit, there is a new man on the roster, so let me introduce myself, I am Hummingbird Jones - Why hummingbird you might ask? Well the answer is simple"
Hummingbird Jones leads the crew to the corner of the room and lifts up a small cage showing it to the crew. "See, I am a man of nature and beauty, and I appreciate the small wonders of the wild, for instance these two are two of my most precious friends"
In the cage are two small birds, Jones opens the cage, cubs his hand and fill it with a red nectar - the two hummingbirds fly out of the cage and land on Jones hand and starts feeding. Jones looks over his shoulder as the crew backs out of the room and says "From beauty and wonders onto mayham, whoever fells like a big man in our Multi-man match tonight I will surely cut down with my patented Figure 4, just wait and see".

The camerafeed fades out.

Hummingbird Jones

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