The Darkening has arrived...

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The Darkening has arrived...

Post by TheDarkening on Tue Apr 25, 2017 1:51 pm

All lights suddenly go out, arena is now covered by darkness... yes power outage occurs... crowd is confused as to what's happening and they are starting to panic... soon... about a minute, power is restored back to normal... and there is one hooded guy appeared in the middle of the ring with a mic in his hand...

TheDarkening "Behold my dark power..."

He attracts crowd attention

TheDarkening "Let me introduce myself. I am called... TheDarkening... master of all evils. I'm here to guide people the way of darkside. Now that I'm here so my first desire is that I want to become a champion... yes to take some titles, to be in main event. Also I want to be known on top of the line... For that I must warn whoever stands on my way I will crush them to dust. Be it male or female I don't care."

Crowd starts to boo him

TheDarkening "Don't worry cause after taking some titles... I will rule this ICW better than it will ever be."

Crowd continues boo.. Booo

TheDarkening "I see a lot of flaws here. The regulations... The training... The spirits... And especially the wrestlers themself... They all are weak so I can't help but help strengthen things up. Yeah I think wrestlers here also need my dark training."

"Boooo get out! We don't need you here" Crowd shouts

TheDarkening "Sorry... contract has been signed. Like it or not but I'm here. So everyone listen up... you better be prepared."

TheDarkening pulls out a note from his pocket and continues his brag...

"Let's see my upcoming debut match with.... hmm... guy named Tony Palawan, he sounds weak. I will surely enjoy beating him soon"

TheDarkening leaves the ring.. preparing for his match...


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