The dark will rise

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The dark will rise

Post by TheDarkening on Mon Apr 24, 2017 4:36 pm

Name: TheDarkening

Entrance Music(yt link): None

Face/Tweener/Heel: Heel

Photo for the card:

Wrestler`s story:

Spent half a life underground in prison... caged separatly with no access to sun... being alone in darkness. Now the prisoner has been released.

Finding a job was his first though... so he began wrestling career just two week ago. He is now level 5... All his moves are above level 30. He never rest, never sleep, he is training for his statistics and his moves all the time!. he is like a growing machine... Don't mess with him.

Although looks evil... He doesn't like picking fight on smaller guy. He finds it more enjoyable to face a guy who is same or above his level... Yes he loves challenges. Twisted Evil Twisted Evil Twisted Evil


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