[Show 3] First statement from Danzo

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[Show 3] First statement from Danzo

Post by Danzo123 on Fri Apr 21, 2017 12:38 pm

While Dana is doing stuff and so busy, Danzo enters his room harsh and rude, doesn't even knock the door.
Dana: Oh god Im busy can you come later??
Danzo: Are you in charge of this show?
Dana: Who the hell are you?
Danzo grabs his throat and lifts him a little
Danzo: I want you to put me in a match every single show and PPV. If you dont make my demands, I will make you die in a hospital.
Throws him to the ground and closes the door
Taz: What was that? He threatened him with his life. I have never seen such a thing before
Joey: This guy is a freak. I Hope he doesnt become a champion in this place because fans will hate him more than anyone


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