Skills VS Graves and Robin' s announcement

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Skills VS Graves and Robin' s announcement

Post by Robin Skills on Mon Apr 17, 2017 4:55 pm

Taz: It's Robin Skills ! Skills is back !

Robin : Ladies and gentlemen, Happy Easter good health and happiness to you !!!
Fans : Thank you Robin !!
Joey : Is appealing to fans.

Robin: Aside wishes, it was in my opinion was great episode of ICW, with matches which then results surprising. But it seems that this show was no Robin Skills!

Taz: Yeah it's true but why?

Robin: The answer is simple, I missed the show because of injury. This injury was found to be not long, but one thing is not clear who is the attacker? To be honest I do not know who he is but I know who's made a grab that damn and I will give a lesson in justice !!

Fans : Yeeeeaaahhh !!!
Robin :Next week I will match with Matt Graves tour ICW Intercontinental title. Does it excludes the Matt that could be the attacker, but I have no proof because I can not accuse. So I wish you a Happy Easter too, and I wish to match a "May the best man win." But all next week you are and who is attacker and I will give you a lesson in justice !!! I promise .
And Robin leave the arena.
Robin Skills

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