Training of the powerful boy for Showdown of Dreams

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Training of the powerful boy for Showdown of Dreams

Post by The Powerful Boy on Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:11 pm

Camera Rolls in at the gym as John Drago is training The Powerful Boy.
John Drago: Punch Harder you need to be fast so you will be able to do quick punches.

The Powerful Boy moves left and right quickly punching the punching bag so hard

John Drago: Now stop come here The Powerful Boy.

The Powerful Boy stops and goes towards John Drago

John Drago: At Showdown of Dreams I want you to be at your best, I want you to prove yourself that your the best at what you do.
The Powerful Boy: I will do mine best.
John Drago: People only remembers the champion not a superstar without a championship title, Don't let the cheers and Boos of the fans make your focus weak.
The Powerful Boy: Yes John.
John Drago: Now go and try to do Roundhouse Kick while moving quickly left and right.

The Powerful Boy returns back to training

The Camera rolls out...

The Powerful Boy

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