Showdown Of Dreams - Mezzo vs The Future Reed

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Showdown Of Dreams - Mezzo vs The Future Reed

Post by Awckarahan on Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:02 pm

Dana White: I want to say that at Showdown of Dreams, there will be a multi-men one fall match. And the winner of it will have a chance at the European Championship, after Showdown of Dreams.

Crowd: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

Dana White: Before i announce the first entrant in the multi-men match, i want to say that, next week, Wrestling Talk Podcast will arrive exclusive on ICW!

Dana White: Now, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the first entrant in the Multi-Men Match... MEZZO SOPRANO!
*Crowd Cheers*

Mezzo Soprano is making his way to the ring very slowly


*He picks up the mic and just before he start to talk, he looks at his fans screaming ''I`m your DADDY!''
Crowd cheers*
First of all I want to thank Dana White for giving the superstars that kinda opportunity thats very good of him. He always supports the debutants but he can't even protect his company from The Renegade bullshit!
Crowd boos*
Anyways lets return to our bussiness ladies and gentlemen. I get to have a match against the debutant Alex the future Reed. I mean having these kids around here is always a good idea but, giving them matches against the big fishes is the worst thing. Maybe Dana White wants to feed his big shark daddy who knows?
With all being said, after these tournament matches come to an end, not just you but everyone in this company will call me DADDY! BECAUSE I WILL BECOME THE POWER AROUND HERE AND NO ONE WOULD BE WALKING FREELY. THIS IS MY TERRITORY JUST REMEMBER THIS BOYS. I'VE ALWAYS BEEN THE BOSS.
Crowd cheers as Mezzo drops the mic*
Taz: Another big speech from the big mafiot.
Joey Styles: He fought bravely in his last match, against Reborn, he showed he is capable of something already. I think we will see him in action often Taz.


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