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Ring Announcer

Post by Crusher X mkI on Thu Apr 13, 2017 5:17 pm

Ring Announcer #1 of ICW`s Season 1: Theodore Loudmouth

- Heel/Face: Rather a heel...

- begins every ring announcement with a brash, loud "YEE-HAW wrestling suckers, the following match is scheduled for..."

- likes to wear big, fancy cowboy hats in the ring

- hates Babyfaces

- loves guns & all sorts of weapons

- hates it even more when Babyfaces win matches

- admires John Bradshaw Layfield

- absolutely hates it the most when he has to announce a Babyface the winner of the match

- has a (quite hard to understand) Texan accent

- hates Howard Finkel ...and Michael Cole ...with a passion!

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