Robin Skills Story

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Robin Skills Story

Post by Robin Skills on Tue Apr 11, 2017 4:37 pm

Theme Song and Titoration

Story :

Robin Skills is one of the first who entered the ICW. Known as the Player TWG 4694, winning titles One Fall, Last Man Standing, Sumission, First Bloood and 24x Tag team champion. Robin earlier career not all workouts Palace was quite arrogant, disrespectful and also a loser. But behavior and change it when he managed to save some people from a car accident .From that time Robin begins to consider more than the others and training and matches that use the TWG. After that experience, after his achievements, he has decided it can become a hero of wrestling, the people, the children and all being against racism.
Now being ICW hero Robin Skills is poised to become a superhero ICW's trying to become the new ICW Intercontinental Champion respecting and henceforth all opponents using before the game saying "May the best man win."

Robin Skills

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