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Hank 'The Tank' Harris

Post by Hank Harris on Mon Apr 10, 2017 4:53 pm

Name: Hank 'The Tank' Harris (Tweener)
From: New York City
Weight: 395lbs
Hight: 6'5
Theme music: Sound of Madness by Shinedown

Born in New York, Hank Harris was a college football player for the university of Miami, where he won a national championship and was subsequently nick named ‘The Tank’, after breaking the all time record for tackles in one season. All was going well for Hank until he was involved in an ugly altercation with a rival teams fan that saw him arrested and incarcerated for 12 weeks. Upon leaving jail, Hank’s chance at the NFL evaporated along with his hopes and dreams. Down on his luck and struggling to control a real anger management problem, Hank pursued a career in cage fighting in an attempt to curb his anger issues. Winning a number of small time promotions Hank was offered the chance to train with at prestigious wrestling gym back in his home city of New York and was funded by an anonymous party. 2 years have now passed and Hank is ready to leave the gym and head out on his own. International Championship Wrestling (ICW) have offered Hank a short term deal but it remains to be seen if Hank can over come his troubled past and make a success of himself in the wrestling business.

None wrestling bio:
Hi all,

My name is Lee and I'm from the UK, Manchester. I have recently returned to the wrestling game after a 2 year absence. Had a number of things happen in my private life that kept me away from the game but now I am back. I work in the television industry for the BBC and I love sport, particular football, I'm a big Manchester United fan.

Looking forward to working some good RP angles with someone, so if anyone is a low level (I'm currently level 1 but rising fast) drop me a message with any ideas you might have.

Thanks for reading.
Hank Harris

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