The Ploughman enters the building

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The Ploughman enters the building

Post by ThePloughman on Sun Apr 09, 2017 5:44 pm

The camera pans to the backstage area where there is a man in a chequered shirt and jeans knocking on the door of GM Dana White's office. A booming voice calls for him to come in and he opens the door.

Ploughman - Mr White, it's a real honour to be invited up here. I've been looking to prove myself back in the ring for a while, there are only so many sheep you can wrestle...

Dana White - Yes, well, spare me those details Ploughman. I'm willing to give you a trial run tonight, just to see if you're what the company is looking for.

Ploughman - You won't regret your decision.

The Ploughman heads for the door before turning back.

Ploughman - My only request is, can I ride my tractor in?

Dana gives ploughman an unimpressed stare.

Ploughman - No, of course, silly me! I'll just get out of your hair...

The Ploughman fumbles for the door handle before rushing out as the camera pans back to Joey Styles.


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