After the first match...

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After the first match...

Post by Awckarahan on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:30 pm

Ann catches the victorious Mezzo and asks: Mezzo just a minute! How will you prepare for the title match and what do you think about winning it?
Mezzo: (Flirts with Ann) Nice dress little girl! That first match was just a warmup for me you know, Im capable of more but the best thing about this match was It gave me confidence. And Im %100 sure and focused for the title match. Im gonna win this match no matter what, If i injure my opponent Im sorry because if it is neccessary then Im gonna do it.
Ann: Okay Mezzo so there is a big size difference between you and some of the roster is too big what will you say?
Mezzo: If they get out of the champs way, they will be fine. Maybe some of them participate in my later stable who knows?
Ann: Does that mean you will form a stable??
Mezzo: First i will get my title Ann. Thank you thats it for tonight.
Ann: Thanks Mezzo


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