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Post by Crusher X mkI on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:28 pm

* Main-Event Fighter for International Championship Wrestling ICW *

[ Storyline ]

My Name is Crusher X.

I am the main Babyface and main-eventer of International Championship Wrestling ICW. Since I became known for using much more weapons...bloody dangerous weapons! ...during regular in-ring matches than any of the other wrestlers on ICW's complete roster, I truly am ICW's main babyfa... uhm... err... well, nevermind !

I am currently in a heavy feud with the main bad-guy of lvl3 TWG wrestling - The Ploughman - who just so happens to be on ICW's Main Roster as well...  We both battled our way back and forth to an already insane number of matches (including One Fall, First Blood, Submission, I Quit,  2-out-of-3 submission and Last Man Standing fights) to the point where I can't sleep comfortably at night, because I'm starting to get nightmares about being targeted (and run-over) by his signature combine harvester with which The Ploughman usually drives to the ring making funny, comical faces.

ICW's General Manager - Mr. Pepsi Lemon - will have to get a MUCH larger ring though, in order for Mr. Ploughman's fat, stinkin'... uhm... combine harvester(!!) to even fit inside there! Basically, this is my thinly veileid attempt of saying: "I want to see Mr. Ploughman's royal rear-end in a freakin' bloody STEEL CAGE match !!!"

It maybe is "lambing season" for Mr. Ploughman, his sheep and his freakin' combine harvester ...but trust me:
this lamb right here...Crusher X... has a knee drop ...a rocket launcher ...and a lvl 17 crucifix armbar... waiting
just for you..!!

So, "bring it on, ICW..!"

"...bring it on, GM Pepsi..!"

...but ESPECIALLY: "bring it on, Ploughman !!!"

*...Crush Crush...!! *

Crusher X mkI

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