Meeting with Sopranos

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Meeting with Sopranos

Post by Awckarahan on Sun Apr 09, 2017 4:03 pm

*The titantron starts and Tony Mario Soprano appears like a normal guy passing by. He smiles big and walks confident, shaking fan's hands warm and talking with them. His outfit is a blue beach shirt with trees on it, he doesn't look like he is gonna wrestle here, but we will hear from him for sure."
After he comes up to the ring he asks for a mic, shakes hands with the one who gave him the mic and starts talking:
CIAAAOO ICW FAANS! How you doing today? With the ciao thing and my precious accent, you guessed it right, Im Tony Mario Soprano. But you guys call me Mezzo because its cool you know? (Crowd laughs, they start to like him) May I ask you guys a question? What do Italians like most? Crowd: PIZZA!! Tony Laughs and asks again: What else? Crowd: PASTA!!! *Now both sides are laughing hard* Tony continues: You guys are moodg tonight i like it! But the answer was wrong because it was GOLD. I Like gold more than my wife because gold means power. Im the strongest person in this building, dont get mad Dana White you can be the second strongest, (Crowd boos) Anyways what i want to say is Im here to break bones, hurt ankles, chokeslam wrestlers and win the prizes. Im in it for money and pride, Im a predator who seeks for opportunity, and the opportunity knocks my door tonight. Im so happy right now i could give a hug all you guys (Crowd chant yes!) but Im gonna give Zuzzi a BEAR HUG later tonight. Thats all i got for him, I dont have a problem with him but i want this gold to be mine. I will become the first ever WORLD HEAVYWHEIGHT CHAMPION IN ICW AND THE REST OF THE LOCKER ROOM WILL JUST SEE MY TITLE ABOVE MY GIANT SHOULDERS!!! (Crowd cheers so much). I have 3 kids and they call me daddy usually. Guess what, that number will become 4 after tonight.(Crowd: OOOOOHHHHHH)
Taz: Big man doesn't watch his mouth does he?
Styles: The real question is do the locker room watch him cuz he is on fire and he is 7ft tall!
Mezzo leaves the ring while Crowd chants DADDY!! DADDY!! DADDY!


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